A bug in Android Oreo disables mobile Internet on smartphones Google Pixel and Nexus

The final version of the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo was released only about three weeks ago, first got it Google Pixel and Nexus.

However, users of these devices already found in Android Oreo the error that was not identified during long-term testing of the operating system. We are talking about turning off mobile Internet on different devices that are connected to the networks of operators around the world.

Often the error manifests itself in the case where the operator provides users with unlimited access to a variety of applications, including social networks and instant messengers. In this case, even if you have exhausted all packet traffic, these applications should continue to work. However, Android Oreo, such a scenario simply forgot to include.

More interesting are reports of owners of smartphones Google Pixel that is disconnected from mobile Internet even when the account still remains traffic.

Google said that the company is aware of the problem and investigating it.

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