99% of charging accessories for Apple devices from the online stores fail tests for security

A fresh study showed that 99% of charging accessories for Apple devices that are offered in online shops, do not pass even basic tests for security.

The testing was commissioned by the British Institute of trading standards (Trading Standards Institute Chartered). In the experiment, we tested the charger, bought online in nine different countries, including the US, China and Australia.

In the course of applying a high voltage to test the insulation quality of all 3 products from 400 behave properly — that is, they have sufficient insulation to provide protection from electric shock.

The head of the trading standards Institute Leon Livermore (Livermore Leon) stated that fake products are manufactured by unknown companies and urged users to buy accessories only from reliable suppliers: «Yes, they cost a bit more, but fake in the end could cost you your home life or the lives of your loved ones.»

In October, Apple held control purchase private accessories in Amazon to find that 90% of the «original» chargers and Apple cables on Amazon are fakes.



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