98% of users of Apple AirPods happy with these headphones

The source conducted a study whose purpose was to determine the degree of satisfaction of users of Apple AirPods these headphones. As it turned out, Apple AirPods headphones satisfy 98% of survey participants, with 82% of respondents were «very satisfied».

The organizers of the study say that this is the highest figure among the new products Apple. For example, after the first models of the iPhone in 2007, it received a rating of 92%, the iPad in 2010 — 92%, and the Apple Watch in 2015 and 97%.

A detailed study of the opinions of respondents showed that they were very satisfied with virtually all aspects of headphones — from the time required for charging to the appearance and way the headphones sit in my ears. Interestingly, 62% of respondents believe that with the acquisition of Apple AirPods they began to listen to music.

Source: Tech.pinions



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