8GB memory HBM2 for a single card Radeon RX Vega complete AMD at $ 160

As we know, video gaming, Vega will appear on the market before the end of June and in July. This despite the fact that originally AMD was going to release such accelerators during the first quarter, and then in the second.

Delay due to lack of memory HBM2 used in the flagship adapters of a new generation. In addition, as it became known, this memory usage can lead to the fact that the 3D-card AMD will be more expensive direct competitor from the Nvidia camp.

The source claims that a single stack of chips HBM2 total of 4GB worth 80 dollars! That is a professional card Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, with 16 GB, only one memory is worth $ 320! But accelerators of this class are themselves quite expensive, though technologically no different from the game. That is, the percentage in the case of Vega Frontier Radeon Edition AMD can not afford to change their price level.

But the model is Radeon RX Vega, who is credited with 8 GB of that memory, it may end up being quite expensive. The source claims that the memory GDDR5X, which is used in the flagship Nvidia, costs less, but does not specify how.

If we turn to the old tables, we can see that often the flagship video card, used memory, total cost of which was in the range of 25-50 dollars. Of course, the volume was less but the cost of chips over the years has decreased.



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