7Artisans plans to release a lens with a focal length of 50mm and maximum aperture of F/1.0 to

The image published on the website of the Chinese company 7Artisans seen a lens with a focal length of 50 mm and maximum aperture of F/1,0.

Earlier the company 7Artisans already introduced four models of lenses for mirrorless cameras. These lenses are characterized by the combination of reasonable prices and high throughput. However, the above models are among the new products there.

As there is no any information about this lens except that which can be gleaned from the illustration. We can confidently say that this is not an error the image is already presented models with the same focal length and maximum aperture of F/1,1. The fact that this model is also shown, and has a smaller filter diameter (52 mm vs 55 mm).

Given that a model with a focal length of 50 mm and a maximum aperture of F/1.1 m is only available in versions with mount Leica M, the intention to release a second model with very similar parameters can be explained by the fact that it will be designed for other cameras, say, Sony E mount, Fujifilm X or Micro Four Thirds. Unfortunately, as yet unknown, issue any options mysterious plans lens manufacturer. However, we can assume that its price will be close to the price of a lens with a focal length of 50 mm and maximum aperture of F/1.1 which is $370.

Source: DP Review


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