75% of the time, viewers of panoramic video looking only at the front 90°

Google has updated the analytical tools of YouTube for creators of VR content. Now the authors of such rollers can to see exactly where users are looking, what part of the panoramic video is the most interest.

This way Google wants to help content creators better to use the new format and to create a more exciting new user experience.

In addition, Google published some statistics on panoramic video, which will be interesting for those who shoot everything with a viewing angle of 360° with the help of their new gadgets.

For example, it is reported that 75% of the time, viewers of panoramic video looking at front 90°, that is actually just in front of him. If you want people to actively examined the remaining 270°, it is necessary to somehow attract their attention and get to interact with, in particular, using markers and animation to draw attention to a particular portion of the panoramic video at the right time.



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