7.0 to try out Android on smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 the Edge right now

The use of the smartphone manufacturers own shells leads to the fact that the new Android OS version for these devices appear not immediately after the release of the next version of the system.

For example, the popular Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge while running Android 6.0. Of course, Android 7.0, as we recently learned, there are only 0.3% of all operating devices so blame Samsung sluggishness impossible. For those who want to join the new system as soon as possible, the Korean giant offers a program Galaxy Beta Program.

Since yesterday, the software allows you to install on smartphones Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge beta version of Android 7.0 with a proprietary shell Samsung. It should be noted that the programme only works in USA, UK and Korea. Soon this list will be updated and China. When will the stable version of Android Nougat for the leaders of the company, is unknown.



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