54 Firefox uses much less RAM than the competitors, if the rhetoric of Mozilla

The company Mozilla introduced a new version of its browser. According to the developer, Firefox 54 — the best version of this IN history.

The first thing that allot of developers is the emergence of the separation technology on several system processes, each of which has dedicated resources PC. If you have previously run one Firefox process for all browser, regardless of the number of tabs, now taught to divide the load into separate processes.

Mozilla has this technology called Electrolysis or e10s rated. E10s rated — the biggest change in the code of Firefox in the history of the program, according to developers. In the end, the browser is able to create up to four separate processes. Mozilla separately notes that doesn’t want Firefox runs a separate process for each tab, as this significantly increases RAM usage. Thanks to the limited division, 54 Firefox uses significantly less RAM than competitors, according to the developer.



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