5 OnePlus smartphone will be more expensive predecessors

Smartphone OnePlus 5 may be not only the most compact and slim in its lineup, it will be more expensive than all its predecessors.

On the official OnePlus forum published a post about the contest, which is held in honor of the annual music festival in Finland. The rules of the contest forced organizers to announce the cash equivalent of the prize, which is the smartphone OnePlus 5 and two VIP passes to all three days of the festival.

The total value of all prizes is 948 euros, while a VIP pass costs € 199. It turns out that OnePlus 5 in Finland and other countries in the European region will be offered at a price of 550 euros.

The announcement of the OnePlus 5 expected June 20 today we have published the note, enabling you to assess the capabilities of the smartphone’s camera when shooting at night.



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