40% of buyers of smartphones Apple new generation in the last quarter chose the older model

The iPhone has almost always been among the best in terms of the quality of the images. Moreover, if a person was primarily important this aspect, he could safely buy the younger version, not Plus, as the differences in the camera, not including optical image stabilization, it was not.

But with the release of the new generation, everything changed. IPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 differ from having a second camera, which gives certain advantages. For example, a portrait mode, which allows under certain conditions to get very interesting for the mobile segment, photos.

Perhaps this fact has led to the fact that in 2016, the percentage of smartphones iPhone Plus in total sales of Apple devices has grown considerably. Citing data from Cowen & Co, the source reports that 24% sold last year Apple treated the senior range, whereas in 2015 and 2014, the figure was respectively equal to 15.5% and 14%.

Moreover, if we talk purely about the latest Apple smartphones, the iPhone 7 Plus in their sales reached in the last quarter of 40%. While in China this figure is 52%, that is iPhone 7 Plus was more popular than the iPhone 7.

Do not forget that the iPhone 7 Plus stands out from lesser sibling much better battery life that also plays into the hands of a more expensive device.

Analysts believe that in the final quarter of last year Apple managed to sell about 78 million smartphones. This is 4% higher than a year earlier, and this is the first time the final quarter of the year showed double-digit (percentage) sales growth.



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