4 OnePlus smartphone based on SoC Snapdragon 830 may go on sale next summer

At the moment there is information that the smartphone OnePlus 3T will be based on updated Snapdragon SoC 821, but next year it’s time for a change of generations — as the single-chip systems, and smartphones based on them. The source reports that the next big update, OnePlus 4, will be based on Snapdragon SoC 830, and the time of its release set June-July next year. This duration may seem long for fans of new products, but for delays there is reason.

Due to the fact that the Snapdragon SoC 830 should be based on 10-nanometer technology, not all contract manufacturers are able to supply its production in the required quantities. For a long time it was believed that the production of these chips will do just Samsung, but according to the latest data of the orders will go also and TSMC. Given that TSMC will take more time for the commissioning of a new process technology, the news about OnePlus 4 only in the summer look is understandable. It is possible that the frequency potential of the Snapdragon SoC 830 will vary depending on the manufacturer and the higher frequency version is referred to as Snapdragon 835.



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