4 Oct Google introduced the Google router Wi-Fi that can be combined into a single network

4 Oct Google needs to introduce smartphones Pixel. According to sources, on this day, the search giant might announce, and many other devices. Apparently, comes a serious change of course of the company in a particular segment.

So, it refers to repeated announcement of the Google Home device, the Chromecast mediaraptor Ultra with support for 4K video, and a new router with concise name Google Wi-Fi.

Recall that in the assortment of the store Google Play Store have a router OnHub developed by Asus. Now the company has decided to launch a similar device under its new brand.

A source says some smart features, it is possible to match multiple routers to create a single network and cost $ 130. There is a rumor that the dimensions will be comparable with the compact smart AC Amazon Echo Dot.



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