3D printer ClayXYZ intended for the manufacture of articles from clay

Most inexpensive desktop 3D printers built on the principle of layer-by-layer weld metal in the as consumables used thermoplastic polymers. The device shown in the illustration, produces three-dimensional objects from clay.

Funds to release 3D-printer ClayXYZ its creators are now raising via the website KickStarter. Gather have to do is say very successful, with the stated goal of $10,000 has already collected more than $60 000 and up to the end of the campaign there are still 48 days.

For $349 you can order extruder, designed for installation in an existing 3D printer. Set printer, extruder, two tubes with clay and tools valued at $749.

Workspace ClayXYZ is 210 x 200 x 180 mm. dimensions of the printer 370 x 396 x 517 mm, weight — 18 kg. the Accuracy with which the layers are formed, is 0.2-0.8 mm. Affected by the features of material, since the positioning accuracy of the mechanics of horizontal equal to 15 µm, vertical axis 5 µm.

The advantages of printing with clay related ecological cleanliness of this material and the fact that if desired, it can be reused.

Source: KickStarter


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