3D map of Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 470 with 4 and 8 GB of memory overclocked by the manufacturer

Company Sapphire Technology has just introduced its own versions of 3D-card AMD Radeon RX 470. They United in a series of Nitro Sapphire+ Radeon RX 470 and different amount of memory, 4 or 8GB.

Base frequency GPU model with 4GB of 1,143 MHz, increased — 1260 MHz. The increased frequency of the GPU model with 8 GB too is 1260 MHz, and the base has a couple of below — 1121 MHz. Memory model with 4GB runs at an effective frequency of 7000 MHz memory model with 8 GB on the effective frequency of 8000 MHz. Recall that the reference sample GPU frequency equal to 926 MHz, high — 1206 MHz. The GDDR5 memory runs at an effective frequency of 6.6 GHz.

The design of the cooling system Dual-X that is installed on both models, includes two quick release fan frame size 95 mm with double ball bearings and three heat pipes. The diameter of one of them — 6 mm, two 8 mm Fans are activated only after the GPU temperature will exceed 52°C, so that at low load the card works almost silently.

The casing of the cooling system is decorated with LEDs RGB, the color of which is configured using a utility Sapphire TriXX 3.0 or using the red button on the back of the card. By the way, the reverse side of the PCB is covered with a metal plate that distributes the thermal and mechanical loads. Additional power is supplied for one eight-pin connector.

Cards support displays next-generation technology high dynamic range (HDR). They are equipped with HDMI 2.0 b (2) 1.4 and DisplayPort (x2), which can output a signal 1080p or 1440p with a frame rate of 240 Hz with 1440p frame rate of 190 Hz and 4K with a frame rate of 120 Hz. In addition, there is one output DL DVI-D.

Source: Sapphire

Radeon RX 470


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