3D map Dataland RX 580 X-Serial 18th Anniversary painted white

The company Dataland owned by TUL Corporation, celebrated her 18th anniversary with the release of a commemorative 3D map Dataland RX 580 X-Serial 18th Anniversary. Characteristic external feature of the product is the predominance of its white design.

The GPU configuration includes 2304 stream processors, 144 unit TMU and 32 blocks ROP. Basic GPU frequency is equal to 1256 MHz, increased — 1380 MHz, which is approximately 3% above the recommended values.

The GDDR5 memory connected to GPU via 256-bit bus operates at effective frequency of 8000 MHz. A memory size of 8 GB.

The card is in the PC case two slots. The design of the cooling system includes two fans. Set of video outputs is clearly visible in one of the illustrations.

How much is a commemorative version of 3D-maps is yet unknown.


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