3D GFX card Corsair Hydro GTX 1080 Ti is equipped with air and liquid cooling systems

The range of the company Corsair has expanded 3D-card GFX Hydro GTX 1080 Ti, which feature is the presence of air and liquid cooling systems.

According to the manufacturer, this solution allows to improve the frequency components, to lower the temperature and noise level. The product is developed in cooperation with MSI.

Graphics processor 3D GFX card Corsair Hydro GTX 1080 Ti mode OS Mode operates at a frequency of 1506 MHz, which automatically increase to 1620 MHz. GDDR5X memory runs at an effective frequency of 11 124 MHz. As you know, in the case of the reference sample Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti basic GPU frequency is equal to 1480 MHz, high — 1582 MHz, and the effective memory frequency is 11 MHz 010.

In addition, the card includes three video output DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 and one DL-DVI-D. it is Also equipped with eight-pin and six-pin connectors for additional power. Power consumption does not exceed 250 watts. Dimensions 3D map equal 269 x 111 x 35 mm, radiator — 151 x 120 x 52 mm.

Sales have already begun. Price the manufacturer recommends to learn the regional offices.

Source: Corsair



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