3D-card series Inno3D P106-090 deprived of video outputs

Directory Inno3D joins 3D map P106-090 3GB Compact and P106-090 3GB Twin X2. In the configuration of the 3D-card series Inno3D P106-090, built on the GPU GeForce GTX 1060, includes 768 CUDA cores and 3GB of GDDR5 memory connected to a 192-bit bus. Model P106-090 3GB Compact is equipped with cooling system with one fan.

The design of the cooling system model P106-090 3GB Twin X2 incorporates an elongated heatsink and two fans.

Basic GPU frequency is equal to 1354 MHz, increased — 1531 MHz. Effective memory clock is 8000 MHz in both cases.

Another common feature of card series Inno3D P106-090 is the lack of video outputs. The fact that these products are intended for mining cryptocurrency.

Power consumption Inno3D P106-090 does not exceed 75 watts. This would allow you to do obtain power only through the PCIe slot, but since these maps are in most cases connected via the extension cord, 6-pin extra PCIe power is required.



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