3D-card HIS Radeon RX 550 Green iCooler Slim takes up one slot

HIS range has expanded 3D-card Radeon RX 550, who is in the PC case one slot for expansion cards.

Graphics processor new item, called the HIS Radeon RX 550 Green iCooler Slim runs on a base frequency of 1183 MHz. Increased frequency of 1203 MHz.

Effective frequency of GDDR5 memory is 7.0 GHz. There are two versions of the product: with 2 and 4 GB of memory.

The design of the cooling system includes aluminum radiator with a copper core in contact with the GPU, and 70-mm fan. The additional power connectors no. Card is equipped with DisplayPort 1.4 a video outputs, HDMI 2.0 and DVI DL. Data on the price yet.

Source: Techpowerup


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