3D-card AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 can be done faster using BIOS model RX Vega 64

Enthusiast, published the results of his experiment on the forum Chiphell managed to write BIOS 3D map RX Vega 64 model RX Vega 56. Although, according to utility GPU-Z, it has failed to unlock the extra stream processors, the performance of 3D maps is still significantly increased due to the increase of frequencies.

The increased GPU frequency RX Vega equal 64 1545 MHz, and memory frequency HBM2 — 945 MHz. Components RX Vega 56 staff working at frequencies 1471 and 800 MHz, respectively. Replacement BIOS increases the frequency of RX Vega 56 to frequency RX Vega 64. With further acceleration is possible even to achieve supremacy over 56 RX Vega model Vega RX 64 working on regular frequencies.

Such experimentation contributes to the existence of two copies of the BIOS in the RX Vega 56.



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