19 Dec Samsung «Kirpichi» American Galaxy Note7. European smartphones can be charged up to 30%

Samsung yesterday updated the information on the official website in the section that deals with global revocable campaign Samsung Galaxy Note7.

The company said that customer safety remains a top priority. Despite the fact that 93% of American buyers Samsung Galaxy Note7 already returned their smartphones to the hands is a sufficient number of unsafe devices.

To stimulate the activity of owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 company will release an update for U.S. smartphones, after installing they will not be able to charge and play the role of the mobile device. This will happen not December 15 as previously reported, on December 19, 2016.

Samsung adds that all the owners of Galaxy Note7 still can get my money back or to change the device to another smartphone.

As for the European region, here the update will be released on 15 December, but it will not be the final and only limit the option to charge devices up to 30%. Samsung has not yet announced when it’s going to turn off European vehicles.



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