16-core desktop processors from AMD ThreadRipper platform Whitehaven will have a lot to do with the server CPU Naples

Recently, we learned that 16-core AMD HEDT platform will be able to work at frequencies up to 3.6 GHz. A new source suggests that processors will use the name ThreadRipper, and Whitehaven, apparently, is the name of the platform.

And this platform will be only slightly modified version of the server platform Naples. In particular, these processors have performance SP3 while the desktop will have performance SP3r2. In both cases, the LGA packaging and 4094 contacts. Probably so AMD simply reduces the cost of developing separate platforms.

In the case of desktop solutions maximum level of energy consumption will be approximately 180 W, and the memory controller will be Quad channel. From Naples, the controller will have eight channels, and TDP can exceed 200 watts.

The platform should represent Whitehaven in the next month.



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