12-nanometer processors AMD Pinnacle Ridge will be available in February

The fact that the current desktop CPU Ryzen give way to the updated processors, code-named Pinnacle Ridge, we learned at the beginning of this year. Just a week ago we also learned that the upgraded CPU will be manufactured for 12-nanometer process technology.

A new source reports that these are the 12-nanometer processors Pinnacle Ridge will be announced in February 2018. As before, initially will represent the older models, now passing under the code name Pinnacle 7. And in March will appear CPU Pinnacle 5 and Pinnacle 3. It is most likely that they will keep the name Ryzen. Besides, do not forget that these processors will have the performance AM4 and must be compatible with existing motherboards.

But there will be new chipsets X470 and B450. The appropriate system Board should appear in March.



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