100 best nail art ideas for long nails

Any nail Polish, even the most discreet, attracts attention, and especially long nails, so it is important to constantly maintain their perfect condition, to care and to immediately remove a little peeling lacquer.

Long nails dramatically change the appearance of the fingers, visually extending them. That is why many fashionable women are increasing their nails, striving to create a space for interesting and stylish nail designs.

Features manicure on long nails

Manicure on long nails always look attractive, especially if it is to diversify a beautiful design.

It is important to have a manicure on long nails did not look too vulgar and provocative. If you don’t want your design was evident, make plain design on the entire length of the nail. It looks pretty simple but at the same time beautiful.

If your nails are not long, you can do nail art with longitudinal stripes, which visually lengthen the fingers. This manicure looks pretty bright, therefore it is recommended to decorate them with a few fingers on the hand: middle and ring.

Long nails is not always convenient and practical, especially for women leading an active life. However, the long length allows you to show imagination and to portray the nail plates, a variety of designs. They can be decorated with drawings, patterns, words and even whole compositions.

Speaking of fashion on long nails, it is worth considering that in the reasonable trend Maxi length without too pointed and curved tips. Marigolds should make hands more feminine and sophisticated.

In order to make nails look more simple, use pastel shades with subtle patterns of small size.

One of the important advantages of long nails is that the edges can create different shapes – square or oval. The trend of the last season, the nail form with beveled edges. This looks very unusual and stylish.

Despite the fact that the pointed nails with care are perceived by women, they are increasingly in the hands of the boldest and most extravagant of them. Such nails are not recommended in dark colors, the best shades for nail Polish – pastel shades, decorated with small rhinestones.

Form long nails and their design should be admired, not the surprised looks of people around, so it is important to follow the advice of stylists and choose the most usual design options.

To fit long nails?

Long manicure is not suitable for all women. The choice of design depends on the style of clothing, the event for which you plan to do nail art. If short nails are not too noticeable in the image, the long nails in the first place will be evaluated by others.

The most versatile solution for everyday manicure – solid color beige and pale pink shades throughout the length of the nail. This lightweight and stylish design can diversify a neat pattern. Pastel manicure on long nails is the best choice for office style and business meetings.

Young ladies are more demanding and are ready for any experiments with long nails. This files most often have their fingers embellished the manicure more interesting and rich colors – from solid red to ultramarine blue.

Trend 2018 – long-nail color Bordeaux or emerald shades. Design suitable for everyday work, if you do not have a strict dress code, or for partying with friends.

Sudovye shades fit almost all the owners of long nails. They bail if you don’t have time for complex designs and unique patterns.

Choosing art for long nails remember that under the square form are suitable for almost any drawings, and the owners of the sharp edges will have to thoroughly think about the decoration of their fingers.

Popular forms of long nails

Before thinking on the design of long nails, you need to give them a perfect shape. Most suitable everyday option – it is oval. To create such a form can any girl use the nail file.

Oval shape is versatile and suitable for almost all women, regardless of the thickness and length of the fingers.

No less relevant form of a Crescent, has a more rounded edge. Despite the length, marigolds with such a design look very carefully and cautiously.

Does not remain without attention nail artists square shape of the nail. Its peculiarity is that it manifested on the long nails. This is a great option for creating a French manicure.

Design ideas for long nails

A distinctive feature nail art for long nails is that it must be combined with some detail of your image: bag, dress, shawl or other accessories. Stylish looks the combination of the pattern on the nails with decorations on the wrist.

Incredibly beautiful on long nails looks manicure in the technique of Ombre. The transition from one color to another looks very romantic and gentle. The length of the nail plate allows you to combine 2 shades, as is customary with classic nail lengths, and much more. This is useful if you want to create a summer manicure with Ombre rainbow effect on your nails.

The bride often prefer long nails, increasing the added length to create complex designs. Wedding nail art is often done in the style of the jacket with large rhinestones and stucco. Not without colors, geometric prints and delicate patterns, repeating pattern on the veil.

Some ladies combine a manicure with the color of lipstick, because this combination is the most familiar and looks impressive.

Long nails real outlet fashionistas who cannot imagine a trendy manicure without the stylish and bright jewelry. Here is where to roam and be creative.

To create the stunning beauty of nail art, use rhinestones, sequins, glitter, pearls, busetti themed prints and patterns.


For the summer season are excellent drawings of fruits, flowers, berries, nautical theme. Especially important among girls floral theme that win-win it looks on long nails.

A significant disadvantage of the long nails that broken one, you can lose all the manicure. So if you have thin and brittle nails, it is better to extend the length or use a gel Polish that lasts for 2-3 weeks and simultaneously strengthens the structure of the nail.

To take care of long nails is quite troublesome, so grow in length only in the case if you have the time to update continuously spoil the design. The time spent for decoration of long nails kompensiruet a magnificent view of your hands, which will not remain without the enthusiastic views of others.

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