Manicure with glitter. Shining shimmering nail


In 90-e years of the last century in Vogue shiny things, makeup and manicure. A few years later, everything began to seem that the Shine is bad taste and we forgot about the glitter. But the last few seasons have demonstrated that shimmer, glitter and all sorts of modulations can be fashionable and extremely stylish in a well-chosen image. In

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The best ideas for creative manicure 2018


The word «manicure» each of us is the most different of the Association. For some, it’s manicured nails classic shape, covered with a lacquer pastel shades for other designs on the nails is a way of expression and a great opportunity to show their creative abilities. If pastel French manicure or moon manicure that is all about creative and unusual

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Spectacular manicure with geometric pattern


Manicure with geometric patterns is quite a specific field of nail design, however, does have his admirers, ready to decorate the fingers of strict straight lines and shapes. Geometric patterns is hard enough to perform beginner nail artists. But with our tips we will be able to master this new way of decorating nails and learn how to do striking

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Awesome manicure ideas on March 8


March 8 – one of the most anticipated holidays for women. Every lady wants to look attractive this day, thinking through your image to the smallest detail. The most important of these parts is a manicure, the correct selection of which perfectly accentuate and complete the festive outfit. Manicure on March 8: actual colors 2018 Spring – time freshness and

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